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Try out something new this winter!

We are all looking at another winter here in Calgary. We tend to stay closer to home, keep warm, and enjoy the world from inside our homes. This is a great plan for those really cold bitter days. We tend to get the winter blahs and our bodies and minds go into what I call hibernation mode.

BUT...what if we can do something different this winter? Learn a new skill, re-learn an old activity or just continue finding a way to stay active after this last year of ups and downs. Wouldn't that be great?

Huntington Hills Community center is running many programs and classes our members may be interested in. Many are drop in so you can try out something without a long term commitment. Take a look at the offerings and we encourage everyone to get out this winter and connect with our community. Not only does physical activity benefit your long term health, doing something with other people helps keep our minds sharp and our outlook healthy.

As a bonus NO HHCA MEMBERSHIP IS REQUIRED FOR ANY CLASS FOR THE REST OF THIS YEAR FOR HPA MEMBERS! So try out something new or come back to something you enjoyed before. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

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