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Meet Your New Board!

HPA held our first in person AGM in almost 3 years. We were happy to have so many show up (even though some might have just come for the luncheon after!), we sure do appreciate you all taking the time to join us.

We were able to fill all our board positions and I would like to introduce you to our new Board of Directors:

President - Cheryl Martin

We are so pleased to have Cheryl continue to lead us. She has worked tirelessly before and during the pandemic and we are so happy she has agreed to head the board going forward.

Vice President - Leslie Schultz

Leslie is new to the board but we are so excited she has agreed to help out on in an much needed area.

Treasurer - Lynda Lalla

Lynda will be continuing in the position of Treasurer. She is an integral part of our success and we greatly appreciate her continuing to keep our finances on track.

Secretary - Lynn Mayall

Lynn is returning to this position also. Her amazing work keeping the board, all the paperwork and information organized is invaluable.

Welcome also to all our Directors:

Winnie Goldbourn

Monique Dumoulin-Gagnon

Elsie Bens

Cathy Gilby

Joyce Pouteaux

Claire Anderson

Roy Jenkinson (Past President)

Simon Adharsingh

Some of these names are familiar and some are new to our board but we appreciate every one of you for volunteering your time to help HPA continue to grow and prosper.

Take a minute when you see any of these amazing people and chat with them about what you would like HPA to look like in the future. Or email us with any ideas or suggestions you may have.

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