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As we close out 2021....

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

Well! We are approaching another Christmas and New Year after a second very different year than usual. On behalf of the Board, Executive and Staff here at HPA we want to thank you all for supporting the Pioneers through all of these ups and downs. Without your support the Pioneers may have well gone the way of the dodo during the last few years! So we are grateful to everyone one of you whether you are one of our volunteers or teachers, someone attending a class or just dropping in for a game of cards we value each and everyone of you.

Our Plan for the New Year going forward includes more of our normal activities, the calendar will be full again and we hope that you will all come back out as you feel comfortable.

If you look at the schedule I attached above, we are having a Christmas Soup & Bun on Dec 16. Take a look at the document to get all the details but sign up soon as there is a cap on attendance.

We hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and New Years and so look forward to seeing you all in 2022!

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