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Soup & Bun Luncheons

2nd Thursdays of each month we have a great lunch together.  Main provided, desserts are potluck!

Bee Creative

Get together to work on your own quilting project. People doing handwork or other craft projects can come down too.  Not an instruction class and must have own equipment. Space is limited so ask us about it!

Pot Luck Dinner

A main dish with sides or veggies is recommended to bring along to this fun evening.  Birthday Cake is supplied as we celebrate all the months birthdays!

Potlucks are Paused at the moment.


Day Time Cards - Drop in on Wednesdays (Cribbage) and some Thursdays (Canasta) at 12:30 pm

Evening Cards - Drop in on Tuesdays at 6:30 pm (Canasta)

Billiards & Darts

We have two tables available for drop in use or book an evening with friends! Along with the dart board and the shuffleboard, it makes for a great evening or afternoon get together. Check with office for scheduling.

Guest Speakers

We are starting a speaker series from nature groups around Calgary. Please check to see whose coming next!

Movie Night

Come watch a great movie together!  Runs 4th Friday of the Month. We have the  popcorn and sodas ready!

Will restart in the spring 2022!

Casino Bus

Hop on the yellow school bus with us and head over for a fun day at the casino! 3rd Wednesday of the month

Craft Classes

Come down for a short term class on many kinds of different crafts. Previously have done: Ukrainian Eggs, Glass Etching, Photography, Light Art. Check with office to see what is coming up.

Try Out Something New!


Remember how much fun it was to sing-a-long?  

We have a great group of people gathering around the piano at 2:30 pm Mondays to do a good old fashion sing-a-long.  Not a choir, not a formal show, just singing for the joy of singing! Songs from the 60s, 70s, and more. See you there!

september 2022.jpg

Western Reunion Chorus

If you like to sing, try out this amazing chorus!  They meet every Tuesday at 10 am at HPA.  No experience needed just a love of music.  Everyone Welcome!

september 2022 (1).png

Helping Handcrafts

Our trial of Helping Handcrafts went over so well we have made it into a permanent program. 


We make handmade items to donate to different agencies locally.  Patterns and materials are available to anyone who would like to make an item to donate.  You can work from home or just when we meet monthly, whatever works for you.


We also accept donation of wool and needles.  This means there is no cost for people to make the items. 

We are so pleased that in December we were able to send out 175 items to 3 different agencies in the city.  A great big thank you to everyone who made items and donated wool to make this possible.


Get in touch to learn more.

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